Leadership Development Ministries classes for 2022/2023 have been postponed – there wasn’t enough participation to hold the monthly classes … we hope for a strong return next year!


We recognize that there are a diverse group of people in our churches today who are in leadership but have no intention to preach but would like to grow and expand themselves in the calling that God has for them.

In  Hosea 4:6 which clearly states, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge,” .

Maybe this is you; so all you need to do is get started on the road of discovery!

The charge for all the Leadership Development Ministry classes which includes books, materials, and eight months instruction is $300.00. This may be paid in full or made in installments of $37.50 each month. Spouses may attend for an additional $50.00 which does not include any books, with the installment now being $43.75 each month.

For those wanting to attend an individual class or classes it will be $37.50 which includes books, materials, and class instruction.

We would like people to sign up by August 18, 2021 so that you will be assured of having a book when the classes start, however we will enroll people all the way through SEPTEMBER  18, 2021 AND NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE PERMITTED. If you are interested in an elective class please sign up at least 1 month prior to that class.

Classes will be held at Ada Full Gospel Church 1047 St. Rt. 235, Ada, Ohio 45810. If you have any questions please feel free to call the office and speak with the Leadership Development Ministries administrator: Kim Kortokrax at (419) 634-6132 . We can also be reached via email:adafullgospel@adafullgospel.com.

Love in the Lord,

Pastor Karen Rarey
Director of Discipleship Ministries