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Ada Full Gospel
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Church Office Hours:
9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Monday – Friday


Sunday Services & Bible Study:

  • Sunday School   9:30 a.m.
  • Morning Service   10:30 a.m.
  • Junior Church  11:00 a.m.

Tuesday Morning:

  • Prayer Meeting  10:00 a.m.

Thursday Service:

  • Evening Service 7:00 p.m


For Cancellations:

  • WKTN 95.3 FM Kenton
  • WTGN 97.7 FM Lima
  • Affiliates of WTGN:
    • 98.7 FM Findlay
    • 105.1 FM Kenton

Guidelines for Leadership Development Ministries

Clink on the link below to see in print form 

4-Guidelines for LDM Program

Guidelines for LDM Program

We are excited that you have decided to be a part of this program and want you to excel and enjoy your time with us and each other. We ask that you follow these few rules so that we might all benefit and maximize our opportunity to learn. We feel that the LDM program is an important step in growing in your calling and we feel because of this factor alone that the participant will not be able to miss more than 2 months classes for the duration of the course unless it is mandatory and not voluntary overtime in order to receive their certificate unless prior arrangements have been made through the Director of Discipleship Ministries. If there is a Level 2 Emergency and we need to cancel classes, those classes will be excused otherwise you will obtain a mark for an absence. If you have any questions concerning the weather it will be your responsibility to contact the Ada Full Gospel Church during office hours M-F 9am-4pm @ 419-634-6132 and after office hours please call Kim Craig (419) 235-8084 or Karen Rarey (419) 679-6036. or Please make sure the office has your updated contact information.

If you are absent from class you still need to turn in the “Course Participant Evaluation Form” and your essay at the time they are due by mail or via email.

You will also be required to have a 70% or above to pass and graduate from the Leadership Development Ministries.

NOTE: Anyone who pays for the whole course will get all of their books at that time instead of receiving them at every class. If you are paying monthly and are current on your fees, you will receive your books at that time. If you miss a class it will be your responsibility to make arrangements to get your books. Books will be mailed at your expense. Please make checks payable to: Ada Full Gospel Church for the course. Mail your payment to: Ada Full Gospel Church 1047 State Route 235 Ada, Ohio 45810.

1. Students will arrive on time, and participate in class discussions.

2. Students may excuse themselves at any time to use restrooms, but may not become a disruption to the class

3. If a student needs to leave early, it will be there responsibility to notify the AFG office secretary.

4. You may bring your meals with you, we have a fully equipped kitchen at your disposal or the church will also have available: sandwich, chips, beverage and dessert which may be purchased for $7.00. We will have 30 minutes for lunch.

Here is a list of the area restaurants also:

Three Brothers Pizza 419-634-0100
Taco Bell 419-634-5078
East of Chicago 419-634-1800
Padrone’s Pizza 419-634-4455
El Campo Mexican 419-634-0009
McDonald’s 419-634-9540
Subway 419-634-7827
Viva Maria Express 419-634-0137
ONU Cosi 419-772-2702

6. It will be the responsibility of the intern to see that all forms are completed and returned to the
Ada Full Gospel Church at 1047 State Route 235 Ada, Ohio 45810
Phone #: 419-634-6132 Fax #: 419-634-0346


7. You will have access to the LDM class via the internet and will be given a password at orientation.
If you do not have a computer please visit your local library.

8. You will be required to read the Bible through by the end of the program. We will provide you with a bible reading schedule that will need to be completed and turned in at the last class.

9. You will be required to answer all the questions on the “Course Participant Evaluation Form” for each book and it will need to be handed in with your essay at the following class.

10. Each question should be answered in paragraph form and each total essay should be at least 500 words, you will be penalized for not having all 4 questions acknowledged in your essay.

1. How did the book influence you?
2. What steps are you taking to change your behavior/thoughts?
3. How will you use what you have learned to influence other?
4. How are you going to use what you have learned in the future?

If you miss a class the “Course Participant Evaluation Form” and your essay still must be turned in on time via e-mail, fax, or mail or you will receive a zero.
The essays must contain the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Book
  3. Instructor Name
  4. Church
  5. Pastor


10. Essays & the Course Participant Evaluation Form from the last classes of the program need to arrive by June 1, 2021.

• Each individual’s grades will be folded and taped for complete privacy and then be mailed to your pastor to be disbursed.

11. Things you will need to bring to each class.
• Pencils/Pens
• Paper
• Essays
• Course Participant Evaluation Form
• Hi-lighter
• Notebook that will be provided at orientation. This Must be brought to Every Class.